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Katherine Ann Nuyens provides personal empowerment services including Hypnosis, EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and other Energy Psychology Techniques. She sees clients in her office in Southern New Jersey, and she provides online and telephone consultations as well.

Katherine works with clients to facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Her unique style of healing encourages the restoration of emotional balance, enhanced personal strategies and skills to reach the plans, goals, and dreams they desire. Request an appointment by calling Katherine’s office at 856-780-5302.

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From “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Brad Nelson

We believe that 93% of people have a Heart-Wall- is it any wonder that the #1 killer in the US (and several other Western countries) is heart disease? I think not… Let’s end this epidemic!

Here is the Heart-Wall, in 1 minute or less:

“During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured- this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart – but you can’t build a wall of nothing, right? What ends up being used as “building materials” are the most common excess energies in the body- Trapped Emotions. The problem is that the Heart-Wall doesn’t dissolve on its own, even if you don’t need it anymore. Having a Heart-Wall long-term is like living in a bomb shelter- it’s necessary short-term to protect you while the “bombs” are falling, but if you continue to “live” in there you’ll feel sad, disconnected, frustrated and you could even end up with heart disease or other heart problems down the road. The Heart-Wall can be removed, one emotion at a time- freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. Now that’s what life is all about!”

Because trapped emotions are nearly universal, and because they always create distortion in the energy field of the body, and because they are completely invisible, they can cause an incredibly wide variety of physical problems without being unmasked.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you there is a problem; it’s a warning sign. In my experience working with people in pain, I’ve observed that trapped emotions are actually creating the pain at least 50% of the time.

Trapped emotions lower immune function and make the body more vulnerable to disease. They can distort body tissues, block the flow of energy, and prevent normal function of organs and glands.

The Emotion Code is non-invasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part. No dredging up the past, which makes it very cost effective compared to other kinds of therapy. Everything discussed or discovered is always confidential.

Discover how easily and efficiently you can release these trapped emotions!
Sessions can be in-person at the Marlton, NJ office or via long distance by phone.

What is the Emotion Code/Body Code System?

The Emotion Code/Body Code System was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical intuit.. The Emotion Code/Body Code is a very sophisticated and complete method of body balancing and is designed to detect the underlying causes of imbalance that usually go undetected.

The technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by correcting any underlying imbalances, we help the body’s innate self-healing ability to take over.

Most health problems that we face can be traced to an imbalance in one of these 6 areas… and that is why The Emotion Code/Body Code System is so powerful. It uses the power of the Subconscious Mind in conjunction with muscle testing and The Body Code Mind Maps, shown below, to quickly pinpoint and correct these damaging energy imbalances.

What’s the difference between The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

The Emotion Code is a part of the Body Code. The Emotion Code is about finding and releasing emotional baggage. The Body Code is about finding and releasing all different kinds of imbalances that can happen in the human body such as pathogens, toxins, structural imbalances, nutritional issues, energetic imbalances (which includes emotional imbalances), circuitry in the body, etc.

Does The Emotion Code/Body Code treat disease?

Neither The Body Code nor The Emotion Code are ever to be used to treat disease; instead, they are used to remove the underlying causes of disease, allowing the body to heal itself.

Initial Phone Consult with Katherine

I always give my clients information about what to expect in their particular session. I share that I work with the body, mind and spirit.

Speaking with each client prior to the session, I have an understanding of how I can best serve each client. I am able to respond to any questions one might have regarding the session. After setting a session date, I send some forms to be completed for the first session and all pertinent information.

What to expect with your first visit:

Using kinesiology, I determine if all parts of you are willing, deserving and feel safe to heal. Subconsciously, often the child, teen or even the adult is not ready. I make sure that all parts are in alignment to create the change you are choosing. I use The Emotional Freedom Technique before our work begins to make sure all parts of you are on the same page.

Next, I find and release the trapped emotions, pictures, mental thoughts we say to ourselves and any other imbalances in the mind and body using The Body Code and The Emotional Code: I teach you how you can release on your own.

For those clients that choose Hypnosis, we then use Hypnosis to work with the subconscious mind to explain the new changes that you wish. I even lead the client in assisting with the preferred wording used in parts of the message to retrain your mind. Each client creates a trigger word to work with the subconscious on your own.

Also, you learn a trigger technique that immediately alleviates stress in the body. Lastly, I share a folder of techniques and tools to assist you to work on yourself in between sessions.

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