Katherine Nuyens on Radio Vision Network’s Morning Coffee with Keith Reynolds

CUTV News Spotlights Katherine Nuyens, MA, CH, CST of Empowering Change

Katherine Nuyens, Certified Hypnotherapist

CST Certified Self-Talk Trainer™

I know the power of the subconscious mind,” says Katherine Nuyens, founder of Empowering Change. “The subconscious mind  does not judge our beliefs. We live out our programs in our subconscious mind, and that part of our mind does not know the difference between real or unreal. It just says, “OK”.  As a result, our daily struggles and insecurities are manifestations of the programming we received from others and eventually ourselves. We are so powerful, that what we say when we talk to ourselves comes true! How do you talk to yourself?

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CUTV News Honors Katherine Nuyens, founder of Empowering Change

Katherine Nuyens is the founder of Empowering Change, a holistic healing practice that specializes in facilitating personal empowerment and spiritual growth. Our struggles with stress, anxiety and even depression are often manifestations of our self-talk, but we no longer have to live out these beliefs that don’t serve us. Through the power of neuroplasticity, we can rewire the brain to create a successful future. While we can’t change everything in our life, we can change the subconscious programs that no longer serve us and rewire our brain for new choices.

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Katherine Nuyens Interviewed by Powerful You! Women’s Network with Sue Urda

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