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Katherine Ann Nuyens provides personal empowerment services including Hypnosis, EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and other Energy Psychology Techniques. She sees clients in her office in Southern New Jersey, and she provides online and telephone consultations as well.

Katherine works with clients to facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Her unique style of healing encourages the restoration of emotional balance, enhanced personal strategies and skills to reach the plans, goals, and dreams they desire. Request an appointment by calling Katherine’s office.

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Why Experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® with Katherine

  • Did you ever wonder what your mission is in this lifetime?
  • We are really Spirit Beings. Have you wondered where you are from?
  • Why were you born at that particular time to your particular family?
  • Had you made contracts with certain people in this lifetime?
  • Who are your Spirit Guides? What advice do they have for you?
  • Wondering about birthmarks, phobias, traumas, diseases etc. ?
  • If you are on a spiritual journey, how can you move into expansion?

Ask about career, relationships, health challenges, purpose and more!
Sessions can be in-person at the Marlton, NJ office or via long distance by phone.

Initial Phone Consult with Katherine

I always give my clients information about what to expect in their particular session. I share that I work with the body, mind and spirit.

Speaking with each client prior to the session, I have an understanding of how I can best serve each client. I am able to respond to any questions one might have regarding the session. After setting a session date, I send some forms to be completed for the first session and all pertinent information.

What to expect with your first visit:

The session begins with an interview of your life. I listen, free of judgment, as you share significant experiences and relationships from the past up to the present time. You might say it is similar to sharing your autobiography, recalling the different parts everyone has played and influenced you on your journey. It seems to be very cathartic for people.

This is a life changing method of healing if you are visual and guided to change.

This is a 3-4 hour private healing session. Your investment is $250.

What happens during hypnosis, and moving into past lives?

Know that you are always in control and fully aware. Hypnosis allows you to be in a trance like state, much like being lost in a good book, a movie or driving. You are relaxed but aware as you discover past lives, much like a daydream.

You must be visual to observe what you encounter. I ask many questions to allow you to focus on what is significant as you move to important events in a lifetime. You move through the death experience, but only as an observer.

There are no emotional or physical reactions. After one of the lives, you are taken to the Spirit side to observe and FEEL a deep sense of peace, a very worthwhile experience, indeed!

What does it mean to speak to your higher self during QHHT?

Your Higher Self is your super-conscious which remains in the spirit realms. It acts like a link between God and your soul. It is capable of sharing much wisdom, helping you to understand your journey more fully. You can ask any question of it, receiving any information that is appropriate for you to know at this time.

The interview allows us to consider additional questions to ask of your Higher Self in addition to the premade list that you are asked to bring with you.

Lastly, your Higher Self scans your body and brings it into balance for you! Often people can feel the energetic experience of healing. I request Your Higher Self to explains what is being done. Some clients can feel the energy; it just depends how energy sensitive you are.

This is all recorded on an mp3 and sent to you through email! Listen and continue to heal.

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