Self Care – A Laugh a Day and More

Self Care – A Laugh a Day and More

Drs. Andrew Weil and Norman Cousins are both proponents of the power of laughter.

Norman Cousins actually healed himself of cancer by secluding himself and watching comedies for an extended period of time. Dr. Weil suggests we all have at least one deep belly laugh a day– that’s a prescription that I can follow through on easily.

How about you?

We often tend to take life so seriously. Smiling actually changes our physiology.

Many of my clients are addicted to negative thinking, believing that good things happen for other people, but not for them. Wearing a rubber band for a few days, snapping it when you catch yourself in negative thinking, is a way to bring awareness to your thoughts.

The Universe is like a giant copy machine.

It gives back to us what we are thinking and feeling. There is no judgment on its part.

You create that which you focus on all day long. Make it a habit to watch your thoughts and choose the ones that make you feel good. You can change your thoughts in a nanosecond if you choose.

Make the decision that you choose to feel good.

How can you make that happen? That’s taking care of you.

Stay in the present moment. Be here now.

Eckhart Tolle wrote the POWER of NOW. We live in the past with all our failures and fears and we live in the future with our “what ifs.” To be in the now, stay with the breath. Slowly inhale and exhale and watch your mind begin to slow down. Be present to you.

Keep a Gratitude Journal.

It reinforces the positive things that happen to you during the day. What a delightful thing to focus on prior to sleep, rather than dissecting the news or concerns around tomorrow.

It really is the little things that bring us joy during the day. You notice brightly colored flowers. You hear a bird sing. Someone you love calls to say hello and let you know they care.

Being in gratitude raises our vibrational rate.

When we focus on our good, we attract more!

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