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Katherine Nuyens MA CHT CBTKatherine Ann Nuyens provides personal empowerment services including Hypnosis, EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique and other Energy Psychology Techniques. She sees clients in her office in Southern New Jersey, and she provides online and telephone consultations as well.

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“Do you know that you create your reality by what you tell yourself?

The subconscious mind does not judge whether it’s true or not. It just says ‘OK’!

What are you telling yourself?”

The book The Power of Neuroplasticity presents the latest results from research in the field of neuroscience.

Scientific research proves the human brain is designed to be physically rewired, based on our self-talk, and that “success” is neurological.

Because of my understanding of Hypnosis, I know the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not judge our beliefs. It just says, “OK”.

Now I know we can all have what we choose to have and be in our lives with the right tools — positive Self-Talk™.

We need the repetition, repetition, repetition!

That is the secret and the power behind the mp3’s offered to you!

I listen to mine at night with a pillow speaker that quietly feeds my subconscious mind while I sleep. It’s so easy!

Change your Self-Talk and take a look at all the tools available to empower you:

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Self-Talk+Plus is the incredible new Self-Talk online membership community where members are able to stream all Self-Talk audio programs anytime. Members also get free admission to special Self-Talk tele-seminars, weekly and Self-Talk Pep-Talk emails.

The first 30 days of membership in Self-Talk+Plus will be free! After 30 days, the monthly membership fee for Self-Talk+Plus is $19.99.

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It is my goal to speak to Parent Groups, Business Organizations, and more.  Having been a teacher for 25 years, I know how important it is for children to grow up with healthy SELF-TALK™, especially in this chaotic world. It is so important that they have the inner strength to stand up to adversity of all kinds.

Downloadable mp3’s for are available for parents on a wide variety of topics, plus Self-Talk™ for Kids, infant to age 6, as well as Self-Talk™ for older kids, ages 7 and up.

  • Children with positive self-talk would not be bullies.
  • Children with positive self- talk would not make decisions of failure.
  • Children with positive self-talk do better in school work and sports.
  • Children with positive self-talk show respect for themselves and others.
  • Children with positive self talk would have no need to get into drugs.
  • Children with positive self-talk would not end up in trouble with the law.
  • Children with positive self-talk would have no need to commit suicide.

Click here for all the tools available to you.

Self-Talk™ is one of today’s hottest topics for personal and business growth.  There have been so many exciting breakthroughs in the study of the brain’s neuroplasticity, We know that people can change their lives by learning how to literally “rewire” their brains for success. Rewiring the brain through our mp3’s is the fastest and most efficient way to create the changes in your life that you deserve.

The Self-Talk for Success Seminars™

Bring your business, sales team, or organization up to date with a Self-Talk™ training presentation.

In this presentation you’ll learn why some people succeed, and why others fail –– based on the latest scientific research, but presented in terms everyone will be able to understand and apply.

View all the tools you have available to you!

Learn how everything we say literally rewires our brain, and how anyone can rewire his or her brain for success. The science of self-talk will teach your team how to:

  • Immediately increase productivity.
  • Set better goals, and learn how to reach them.
  • Change an average attitude into a winning attitude.
  • Learn scientific Self-Talk™ techniques and skills that immediately help you rewire your brain for success.
  • Use self-techniques in every important area of your career and personal life.

self-talk seminar brain neuroplasticityAvailable Self-Talk for Success Seminars™ include:

  • Self-Talk for Setting Goals
  • Self-Talk for Network Marketing
  • Self-Talk for Success in Selling
  • Self-Talk for Weight-Loss
  • Self-Talk for Parenting
  • Self-Talk for Women
  • Self-Talk for Dealing with Stress
  • Self-Talk for Health & Fitness
  • Self-Talk for Money & Financial Freedom

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Rewire Your Brain for Success!

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Results may vary from person to person

Katherine neither diagnoses, treats nor prescribes for clients regarding issues related to medical or mental health conditions.

Katherine works with clients only with the intent to enhance the client’s own  coping abilities, and will make no therapeutic claims. Specifically with the Emotion Code/Body Code, Katherine is able to find and release imbalances in the body underneath one’s issues. She does not treat disease or claim to heal them. Katherine teaches clients how to help themselves. Please read the testimonials for assistance with your decision to work with her.