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Katherine Ann Nuyens provides personal empowerment services including Hypnosis, EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique and other Energy Psychology Techniques. She sees clients in her office in Southern New Jersey, and she provides online and telephone consultations as well.

Katherine works with clients to facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Her unique style of healing encourages the restoration of emotional balance, enhanced personal strategies and skills to reach the plans, goals, and dreams they desire. Request an appointment by calling Katherine’s office.

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Flat-Cover-72I have had a number of challenges in my life, as many of you have also experienced. My biggest challenges actually occurred later in life. As I looked back upon these life changes, I realized that these were all for my own soul growth. For that, I am in awe and grateful.

What I have come to understand is that we are all powerful souls. For every one of us chosen to be in this lifetime, 99 souls were not chosen. We are here to remember that we carry the Divinity within us, but in each lifetime we have a veil of forgetfulness that causes us to forget we have been here before… More and more of us are awakening. We are moving into the power of who we are; we are not broken.

While being layed off from the Public Schools, I was approached to teach in a Catholic School. I loved teaching and agreed. I met a nun that taught me some “out of the box” thinking. I was so Catholic at the time, that I would only believe this information from a nun or a priest. Sister Eileen Cordes changed my life.

Realizing that Divine Guidance played such a significant role in my life, I was asked to write my story in a chapter of the book, Women Living Consciously. I realized that our life challenges would seem more like gifts if we realized our experiences were for our own growth, not happening TO us, but FOR us.

Those interested in Spiritual Healing, please know that I can assist you.

Spiritual Healing Work:

  • Connecting and conversing with the child, teen within
  • Clearing and opening the Chakras, our spiritual centers
  • Clearing any disconnections to Source, Creator, God
  • Getting in touch with your Soul and your Wise Mind
  • Releasing beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Creating a healing room and learning to speak to your Higher Self
  • Tools to learn to love and accept yourself
  • Bringing mind, body and Spirit into balance
  • Learning tools for peace of mind.

In this lifetime we are here to remember we are powerful souls who create our life by our choices. We choose our own thoughts and our own feelings. Our mind is like a giant copy machine. What we tell ourselves comes true; there is no judgment what you tell it. It just says, OK!! To manifest changes, it is all about being in a high vibrational energy. Learn how!

No one can make us angry unless we have anger within us. When we get triggered by someone or something, it shows us where we need to heal. Triggering becomes a gift!

May we see ourselves through the eyes of God, a loving unconditional love. We all do the best we can at the time, depending on our emotional state and environment. Let’s forgive ourselves for any mistakes we thought we made; everything is for our own growth, free of judgment. It is just an experience we moved through on our journey. We had great courage to come here to learn and experience this life with all of its challenges/gifts.

Initial Phone Consult with Katherine

I always give my clients information about what to expect in their particular session. I share that I work with the body, mind and spirit.

Speaking with each client prior to the session, I have an understanding of how I can best serve each client. I am able to respond to any questions one might have regarding the session. After setting a session date, I send some forms to be completed for the first session and all pertinent information.

What to expect with your first visit:

Using kinesiology, I determine if all parts of you are willing, deserving and feel safe to heal. Subconsciously, often the child, teen or even the adult is not ready. I make sure that all parts are in alignment to create the change you are choosing. I use The Emotional Freedom Technique before our work begins to make sure all parts of you are on the same page.

Next, I find and release the trapped emotions, pictures, mental thoughts we say to ourselves and any other imbalances in the mind and body using The Body Code and The Emotional Code: I teach you how you can release on your own.

For those clients that choose Hypnosis, we then use Hypnosis to work with the subconscious mind to explain the new changes that you wish. I even lead the client in assisting with the preferred wording used in parts of the message to retrain your mind. Each client creates a trigger word to work with the subconscious on your own.

Also, you learn a trigger technique that immediately alleviates stress in the body. Lastly, I share a folder of techniques and tools to assist you to work on yourself in between sessions.

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