The Power of Gratitude and ME

The Power of Gratitude and ME

Many people have learned that what we focus on gets bigger.

We  have learned the power of appreciation and gratitude from the movies THE SECRET and the LAW of ATTRACTION. I certainly want more things to appreciate.  Before climbing into bed at night, I faithfully record my gratitudes of the day. I look forward to it.

I was amazed to find this quote from Plato: “A grateful mind is a great mind that eventually attracts to it great things.”

I think it took me quite a long time to really get it! – and how long ago did Plato live?!

Miracles happen every day, but we don’t always stop to acknowledge them.

I decided to name this year of 2011 my year of Miracles and Magic. I made a sign that proclaims this. Under the sign I claimed, “I expect great things today.” 

I can honestly say that this has become one of my best years in a long time. Perhaps it is because I am expecting it to be wonderful. Maybe it’s just Divine timing.

I do know that we are powerful co-creators, but we often create unconsciously. This year I decided to be more conscious of my creations. I know that life doesn’t just happen to us.

Finally I have learned to really appreciate myself.  I am far less critical than I had been in the past. As a matter of fact, I have chosen for myself an endearing name. I am 62 years young and now call myself, Sweetie Girl.  This has become so enjoyable to me; I applaud myself for many little things.

It’s silly, but I love pull-through driving spots. (We had a large conversion van at one time and I needed a pull-through!)  I now squeal with delight and tell Sweetie Girl she did a good job finding this spot.

Here is my miracle or magic of today.

Yesterday one of my clients told me about a teenage girl that is having a very difficult time going to school. The school has changed her schedule and doing what they can to accommodate her. She has been in talk therapy for years, but nothing has helped her with her fear and panic around school.

This client shared he was going to tell the mother of this girl about my work and advised me they were about an hour away.  Today I received a phone call from the mother of this girl. I asked her if one of my clients had given her my name. She acted very surprised and told me that her daughter just found me on the internet! I was blown away.

If you decide to choose an endearing name for yourself, what would it be?

Let me know. Louise Hay suggests that we daily look into the mirror and see our eyes as the windows of our soul. Then looking into our eyes, we state; “I love you”.  I look into the mirror and say, “Katherine, I know who you are! I love you!!” – and I really do at 62.

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